Let's get it straight: there is no such thing as a "loose" vagina. While childbirth and aging can weaken your vaginal muscles, no number of sexual partners can "loosen" your vag. No one can tell how much sex you've had by the way your vagina feels.

So, with that out of the way, where exactly did this idea come from?

The concept of a "loose" woman appears to have originated centuries ago when sexually explorative (or unfaithful) women were considered to have "loose" morals. As is often still the case today, women's bodies and morality were intrinsically linked. And at some point, it seems people may have begun to take the term literally: vaginal tightness could indicate "purity," while less elasticity equaled promiscuity.

Debunking this misconception requires only a basic anatomy lesson.

Vaginas are elastic. Like a hair scrunchie, vaginal muscles can stretch to accommodate penises, sex toys and babies. Usually, they return to their prior tension and shape naturally over time.

However, while penetrative sex does not affect elasticity long-term, no matter how many partners you have, some other factors can. Still, the change