In the minefield of uncomfortable conversations to have with your kids, porn's exceptionally high on the danger rating. While broaching the topic of sexuality with teenage boys isn't on most of our bucket lists, digital culture makes it more prescient and imperative than ever.

The ubiquity of online porn has created an entire market of parental control tools, and surely one (or a handful) of those would keep porn out of our kids' sight and resolve the problem—or at least kick the can into oblivion. But if teenagers are experts in anything, it's how to evade their parents' rules and enforcements, and navigate the internet, so the choice to put filter programs on teens' devices could just be futile.

Defining pornography within the family setting

Health educator Michelle Rawcliffe emphasized before parents start speaking to their children about porn, they first need to educate themselves.

"Be curious and have an open mind," Rawcliffe said. "Understand that as an adult, it is possible that young people are more knowledgeable about sexually explicit media than adults