Certain BDSM-centric acts, such as using blindfolds or exploring rope bondage, are less taboo than in decades past, thanks to their portrayal in popular media. But no matter how mainstream BDSM gets, certain kinks fall into a gray area because of the risks they pose. Want to choke or be choked by a partner during sex? Proceed with caution.

Erotic choking "involves restricting the air supply for yourself or your partner in a sexual capacity," explained Megan Harrison, a Florida-based kink expert and licensed marriage and family therapist. "It can be very dangerous."

When it’s done solo, erotic choking is called autoerotic asphyxia (AEA), where an individual might loop a rope or belt around the neck and attach the other end to a doorknob or other fixed structure (Harrison advised against ever doing this and said you should never be alone when blocking your airway). Otherwise, erotic choking involves one person grabbing the throat of another during intercourse or other sexual activity.

If you're curious about exploring choking with a partner, it's important