Defining the cause of anorgasmia, or an ongoing inability to reach orgasm, can be as frustrating as the experience itself. Even before you track down the condition's roots, you need to recognize that it's a problem at all. It can't be emphasized enough that sex must be pleasurable in the first place to even near orgasm. I wish that were a given, but since most cultures notoriously set a ridiculously low bar for female enjoyment of sex, and even participation in their own sex lives, it's important to highlight that, yes, you should be climaxing when you want.

Reclaim masturbation

If you're otherwise healthy but suffering from anorgasmia, consider reclaiming masturbation. This goes both for folks in relationships and single people. On a purely logistical level, reclaiming masturbation means rejecting feelings of shame or a lack of worthiness associated with the act and the time spent. This is an opportunity to focus on your body, plain and simple.

Pleasure doesn't have