Semen retention means when a person intentionally avoids or is withholding ejaculation. There are many ways in which someone can practice semen retention. This is either done by practicing abstinence or refraining for any foreplay, stopping sexual intercourse before ejaculating, or teaching themselves to only have a non-ejaculatory orgasm. Semen retention is an ancient practice with roots in Taoism, and it has started to gain popularity in the West (for its purported sexual benefits for men). Ejaculatory abstinence is touted as a way to boost testosterone and sex drive, improve erections and increase mental clarity. While scientific research on the subject is poorly represented and inconclusive, semen retention is becoming a more popular facet of sexual health. And so far, it appears there’s no harm in trying it ejaculation control.

How it works

According to ancient Taoist belief, semen is a source of vitality for men, providing essential nourishment to the male body—nourishment lost when not retained consistently—so its retention is essential. The Taoist tradition claims semen's retention allows the body to absorb nutrients provided by it and boosts the overall health of the practitioner. People in the West