When something "hurts so good," it's usually a positive experience, something you'd want to do again. A particularly intense orgasm would qualify. But what if that same activity suddenly just hurts?

If you regularly experience pain with what should be an act of pleasure, don't chalk it up to something out of "Fifty Shades." Instead, see a doctor to uncover the issue.

Someone could have pain with ejaculation for a variety of reasons, and, as is the case with many aspects of the reproductive system, timing means a lot. Here's more on what you need to know if it hurts when you ejaculate.

Timing is everything

The first thing you want to do if it hurts when you ejaculate is to identify when and where the pain is occurring, according to Mohit Khera, M.D., MBA, MPH, a professor of urology at Baylor College of Medicine who specializes in male and female sexual dysfunction and male infertility.

Khera noted a difference between pain that occurs during ejaculation and pain that occurs immediately afterward. While pain that happens in the moment warrants a closer evaluation by a doctor, pain after climaxing might be