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Understanding Your Mental Health

Celebrities Shed Light on Mental Health Stigma, But Little Else

It's all good when celebs support a cause, but it shouldn't be all about them.

By Melanie Lynn Carlson, MSW

Marriage and Divorce

The Co-Parent Trap: Get It Together for the Children

My friend's divorced parents have a great relationship years after separating. How do I do that?

By Melanie Lynn Carlson, MSW

Culture and Entertainment

Supermom and Supercrip: Being a Mom With Disabilities

The amazing triumphs of supercrips go viral, but just getting through the day is special, too.

By Melanie Lynn Carlson, MSW

Understanding Your Physical Health

Bipolar Disorder, Parkinson’s Syndrome and Me

After 14 years with bipolar disorder, an additional diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease shook me.

By Melanie Lynn Carlson, MSW