Do they like you as much as you like them? Are you boring them? Are they hiding something from you, like a secret fetish, another girlfriend, or three kids and a spouse in Manitoba? Questions like these, along with a certain level of anxiety, are expected in a new relationship. However, for those of us with anxiety disorders, the same concerns can be persistent and overwhelming.

Even in happy, healthy relationships, anxiety can pop in like an uninvited, unhinged party guest. At best, it puts a damper on your evening, and at worst, it can create tension, stress out you and your partner, and strain the relationship.

Knowing how anxiety can manifest in a relationship, and how to handle it, can help you and your significant other cope and overcome.

Anxiety in relationships: Are you dependent, avoidant or both?

While everyone's experience is different, people with anxiety may demonstrate one of two types of behaviors in relationships: dependence or avoidance. Some exhibit