Whether it's stress from work, fighting with your partner or simply the everyday grind of being a productive adult, life's constant pressures are tough for everyone to handle.

However, when we have depression, these tasks go from tough to impossible. Thankfully, there are specific stress management techniques that can have many positive effects on depression.

Understand how stress exacerbates depression

Stress is a catalyst for depression. People who don't have depression still feel stress weighing down on them, but while it's still hard to handle, it is manageable.

However, when you have depression, simple stresses make you feel like you don't have what it takes. For instance, a fight with your partner might feel like evidence you can't succeed in a relationship. What's worse is depression might make you believe this fight will be the reason your partner leaves. Depression can also cause irritability and cause you to be less patient.

Clinically speaking, stress can exacerbate feelings of hopelessness, increase fatigue and potentially induce panic attacks, which can bring on new symptoms of depression such as