Contraception. Just the word alone can bring any number of stresses, questions and concerns bubbling to the forefront of your mind. For one, a vast number of birth control options are available; staring at a list of items you can swallow, implant into your arm or insert into your vagina can make the head start to spin (and the stomach clench, if you're squeamish).

Then there's the fact that each of these contraceptive options affect the body differently. Plus, contraception can be a difficult topic to talk about with a healthcare provider: "I've just started having sex with a new partner and I really don't want to get pregnant. What do you recommend?" doesn't always roll off the tongue, as much as we wish it did.

Luckily, though, there are some key questions you can ask your doctor about your contraceptive options—questions that significantly strengthen your chances of getting the birth control that's best for you and your body, and ensure you