I have always dealt with heavy, painful and irregular periods. I remember spending hours in the sick room at school in agonizing pain. The very concept of wearing panty liners at any stage of my period was laughable, as I was confined to wearing thick nighttime pads that felt like nappies (diapers) throughout my period.

If the pain and heavy flow weren't enough, I constantly feared that I would have a "What's that red stain on your skirt?" moment.

After five years, I decided enough was enough and booked an appointment with my doctor. She recommended that I go on a contraceptive pill (Microgynon, in my case) to help regulate my periods. She explained that it could reduce the pain and regulate my heavy flow. And just like that, I was sold on the benefits.

I'm always hesitant when telling people about being on contraception. The minute you tell someone you're on the pill, they turn into a medical professional listing all the side effects and, in some cases, telling you not to go on it. The unwarranted advice is paired with another assumption. During conversations I've had previously with friends, it always comes up