In the third trimester of pregnancy, especially from week 37 on, it's important to position the baby deeper into the pelvis to align them to get ready for birth in order for a better labor experience. Movement helps to bring them downward, and this can be achieved by walking and being active as well as doing various exercises with a birthing ball.

If you don't already know, these traditionally round and smooth balls (like yoga balls), often found in the corners of playrooms and gyms, can be used during childbirth. Either purchased for your home or utilized in the delivery room, these balls are an accessory that can encourage movement, comfort and ease during a woman's pregnancy and labor. Round birthing balls can be used throughout pregnancy as a chair, much like a balance ball, keeping your posture steady as the soft surface supports the spine, which can be more comfortable than sitting in a chair.

How to use a birthing ball

The most common and effective exercises that are recommended by midwives prior to labor are gently bouncing up and down, rocking backward and forward to shift your weight to each thigh and tilting your pelvis to and fro. If you want to open your pelvis while lying down, you can