During labor and delivery, you need a partner who's 100 percent able to support you. Here's how.
While your baby's health is a priority, your mental and physical health remain important, too.
While your baby's health is a priority, your mental and physical health remain important, too.
Rates of adverse pregnancy outcomes are high, and racial disparities contribute to the risk.
The loss of a baby can lead to depression, anxiety and trauma symptoms.
This fatal pregnancy outcome is often unexplained, but be aware of the risk factors.
Chemicals found in everyday items could put your baby's health at risk.
Patients can safely stop, and then resume, hormone therapy if they desire to get pregnant.
Patients can safely stop, and then resume, hormone therapy if they desire to get pregnant.
Research finds participation in the supplemental nutrition plan is beneficial.
Some mothers face a dilemma with prolonged pregnancies.
Ditch your usual hygiene product to prevent an infection.
Ditch your usual hygiene product to prevent an infection.
It's important to be informed of the benefits and risks of controlling the labor process.
Explore your options beyond throwing this amazing organ away.
Experts warn that hospitals and birth centers are still the safest sites, even amid a pandemic.
France provides a journey of physical therapy for my pelvic floor.
Newborns are expensive, and if you are feeling the added effects of inflation, you're not alone.
Here are some ideas about what new parents actually want to receive during their recovery.
You're eager to see the new baby but remember to respect the parents' wishes.
This procedure can result in the spontaneous onset of contractions.
Nongestational parents may be able to produce the breast milk their newborn needs, too.
ITP is a rare autoimmune bleeding disorder that is sometimes diagnosed during pregnancy.
We're here to help you pack for labor, delivery and homecoming.
Your identity inevitably changes with motherhood, so how do you retain your sense of self?
The practice of transferring flora may have benefits, but the risks might be too high.
A syndrome that affects the liver and the blood can be dangerous for you and your baby.
Obstetric anal sphincter injuries are a rare but serious complication of vaginal delivery.
The right education can help you feel confident and prepared for labor.
Freebirth is a high-risk, high-reward option for labor, but medical experts advise against it.
The physical stress of going through labor can cause changes throughout your body.
Wondering how to tell the difference between true labor pain and Braxton Hicks? Read on.
Labor and delivery don't always go as planned, so it's important to speak up for what you need.
Buying breast milk from donors online is common, so we asked experts if it's worth the risk.
This pregnancy complication is difficult to detect, but there are warning signs.
Your infant's position can impact the safety and ease of labor and delivery.
Warning: Natural bodily functions may occur when you're delivering your baby.
Doulas discuss key ways to be ready for the pain of delivery.
Socially marginalized women leave the hospital earlier after a cesarean birth, a study reports.
Two of the leading causes of pregnancy-related deaths are under-discussed and need attention.
COVID-19 changed our lives, but not always for the worse. I decided to have a beautiful baby.
Empty shelves and price gouging have parents desperate, but hope is on the horizon.
Consider these tips to stay sane if your baby won't feed.
TTTS is a rare condition that can be life-threatening without intervention.
Many people opt for a midwife during pregnancy, but some situations require extra assistance.
In an exclusive interview, Genevieve Grabman, a mother of twins, takes readers inside her book.
The fear of childbirth, sometimes due to a traumatic previous pregnancy, affects many people.
Advocates of hypnobirthing say the practice eases pregnancy-related fears, among other benefits.
A difficult delivery can cause PTSD, but healing is possible with the right resources.
While COVID-19 likely exacerbated the risks, numbers have been rising since 2000.
The 'Birthing-Friendly' hospital designation is intended to reduce mortality rates.
Looking for ideas to support a new parent? We've got you covered.
Digital support can be a helpful tool but must be used mindfully.
Experts weigh in on navigating anxiety when you're expecting.
Just because you've given birth before doesn't mean pregnancy will come easy a second time.
This tightly wrapped fabric can make you feel comfortable and boost your self-esteem.
Jumping under the covers might get your contractions started.
The practice is thought to diminish stress and increase bonding between parents and newborns.
PPD is a common but often isolating experience. Help from others can make all the difference.
It's not just a childbirth issue—menopause also causes problems—but prevention is possible.
Research has identified health benefits to induction, but it is not without risks.
Having a bun in the oven brings on a bunch of bodily developments.
Research indicates that vaccines continue to work, helping both mother and child.
There are some exceptions, however, so always talk to your doctor.
Postpartum time is stressful enough without worrying about setting a feeding schedule.
The bipartisan legislation would prevent the sale of these items that increase the risk of SIDS.
It's an occurrence known as superfetation and it's incredibly rare—but shockingly possible.
The false-positive rate for rare disorders can leave parents-to-be with inaccurate information.
Two experts share which baby items are useful and which are a waste of money, or worse.
Having a baby helped me realize how much I needed my gender transition.
Obstetric units continue to close as the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbates systemic inequity.
While most of the claims you've heard can't really help, some induction methods might just work.
Mothers and infants bond in many ways, including through smell, scientists say.
Everything is different now, and you're not the one setting the timeline.
You'll have difficult decisions to make, but you won't have to do so right away—or alone.
Research shows pollution, hazardous waste and climate change negatively affect pregnant people.
The FDA has provided general guidelines for women to go over with their doctor.
Dr. James Barry's medical achievements were revolutionary but overshadowed by gender scandal.
If nursing your baby has left your boobs uneven, you're not alone.
Find out how to lessen the risk of this common complication and tips for a smooth recovery.
Experts advise on how to help someone who's experienced pregnancy loss.
Exploring one of the weirder, and potentially dangerous, pregnancy complications.
Also known as a stealth or denied pregnancy, this condition is more common than you'd think.
Forgoing a hospital setting is fine for many women, but having a plan in place is vital.
Learn about your little one's movements to make sure they're happy and healthy.
The World Health Organization estimates up to 10,000 women develop this condition every year.
Research analyzing more than 51,000 pregnant people finds 'solid evidence' of the benefits.
The latest research adds to mounting evidence Pfizer and Moderna are safe for pregnant people.
While this kind of pregnancy loss is relatively rare in the U.S., more awareness is necessary.
Research shows America will reap the benefits if it supports pregnant and postpartum women.
Cultural norms on bed-sharing differ across the globe, but how safe actually is the practice?
Doctors suggest six weeks before engaging in postnatal intercourse, but what's the reality?
Here's what you should know about the trendy delivery method.
COVID affected the availability of reproductive healthcare and worsened pregnancy outcomes.
The reality star is expecting her third child with her husband, Zach Roloff.
The CDC advises expectant women to get another dose for additional protection.
Learn more about the symptoms of the most common type of pregnancy loss.
The 'Selling Sunset' star finds solace in others’ stories after her pregnancy loss at 38 weeks.
Caring for a baby's sensitive epidermis can be stressful, but our experts are here to help.
Vice President Harris issues Call to Action to improve health outcomes for parents and infants.
Women living in poverty face significant barriers to access.
'If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power' is a gothic tale of pregnancy and identity.
Childbirth is difficult on the body and mind, but professional treatment can help with healing.
Science is starting to uncover the fascinating and terrifying truth about this vital organ.
There are reasons you may feel the urge to lick your baby—or not. Either way, you're normal.
Your baby's head pressing into your spine during delivery may cause serious pain.
For her second home birth, the actor prioritized self-advocacy and comfort.
Stitching a person too tight after tears from childbirth can happen on purpose or by accident.
While rare, this condition can have a devastating impact—but treatment is available.
Almost half of new moms stay home after maternity leave ends—and many feel they have no choice.
It's rare, but some women experience the most powerful climax of their lives.
You may not want to block out your calendar just yet.
If you think you know what to expect with your next bun in the oven, think again.
Physical restrictions while pregnant are no fun, but there are ways to pass the time.
A specialist can help expecting mothers with back pain—and encourage safe delivery.
Bass says he's 'never been so happy' after his first five days with his children.
'I'm really tired and not a superhuman, and this is really hard.'
While elasticity has nothing to do with your body count, you can strengthen your pelvic floor.
Tylenol has long been recommended for pain relief during pregnancy, but now caution is advised.
A new study shows the unique challenges it posed to new moms.
Certain activities aren't safe when carrying a child. Here's how to adapt.
These hidden building blocks of immunity protect babies in their first months of life.
This nutrient-rich golden liquid gives newborns natural protection in their first days of life.
If your stomach muscles separated significantly during pregnancy, recovery is possible.
Your step-by-step guide to finding the right person to record this very important day.
Those fluttering kick-like feelings are very real and can occur long after pregnancy.
Here are some notes on parenting and having kids later in life.
Here are some tips to help lighten the emotional load after a miscarriage.
Studies show this technique lowers the risk of tearing and postpartum complications.
Breaking a sweat regularly while pregnant can benefit you in delivery and postpartum recovery.
The McCord List creator faced health complications along with COVID-19 restrictions.
Seven women share their journeys through recovery and looking past birth expectations.
While booking a birth has become increasingly trendy, cesarean section is not without danger.
A recently enacted law offers free health checkups for newborns and families following birth.
Despite the risk of severe illness and urging from the CDC, only 22% are fully immunized.
Data shows race plays a role in America’s climbing maternal mortality rate. How do we stop it?
Policymakers hope the new law will help address the state's Black maternal mortality crisis.
A seasoned doula weighs in on the benefits of looking at options before you're actually in labor
9 months. 40 weeks. What's the difference, and why does it matter?
The once-routine procedures used to be standard practice in childbirth.
Be more empowered in your decision if the doctor recommends a cesarean.
Doctors still don't know exactly what causes GD, but the condition can impact you and your baby.
Hulu's film 'False Positive' is just the latest in a long line of gestational terror.
Keep these items on hand to manage tearing, bruising, sore nipples and other common troubles.
Travelers beware: The virus is still a cause for concern in many countries.
A doula serves as your advocate and guide during one of your most life-changing experiences.
The Jill of all trades in women’s care is often underestimated and misunderstood.
Whether you had a vaginal delivery or a C-section, your sex life may be impacted.
Science is giving mothers with certain genetic diseases the chance to have a healthy baby.
Just because it no longer dominates the news doesn't mean the risk of Zika is gone.
The way you care for your teeth and gums affects your baby, too.
A glass of wine a week isn’t worth the risk when you’re pregnant.
An emotional support professional can set the tone for a positive birth experience for women.
Understanding the dangers of 'trich' can help you protect your reproductive health.
Carrier screening, amniocentesis and other tests can prepare you for a lot, but not everything.
If you're a smoker, you could be putting your fertility and future children at risk.
The centuries-old profession is a critical part of the birthing process for many modern parents.
How to find a doula to empower and protect you for a successful birth.
Postpartum pelvic floor issues are common, but it is possible to regain control of your body.
These tests provide access to tons of info, which can induce more than a little anxiety.
Know what factors to consider when choosing your sperm donor.
So, you want to become a midwife? Be ready to burn the midnight oil.
Affording in vitro fertilization treatments is possible but takes forethought and strategy.
New resources can help you decide if having a child is the right fit for you.
Common reproductive disorders can present challenges to getting, or staying, pregnant.
Prevent and treat some of the unpleasant symptoms of maturing.
In vitro fertilization makes multiples more likely, although not as often as in the recent past.
It's normal to feel down sometimes when caring for a newborn. But at what point is it dangerous?
Gonorrhea is even more serious when you’re pregnant, so treatment is key to protect your baby.
Consider several factors as you look for the perfect person to carry your child into the world.
Yes, your body changes during and after pregnancy, but you may be blaming the wrong factors.
Post-delivery, it's easy to feel pressured to get back at it—but your partner will have to deal.
Experiencing the miracle of carrying a life may leave your breasts feeling less than perfect.
If you’re struggling to conceive, you still have many options to consider.
Eating for two comes with crucial responsibilities, some of which you may not expect.
The answer depends on your situation and comfort level. There's no right or wrong way.
Adopting an embryo may provide a path to parenthood for couples with infertility issues.
During pregnancy, everything is always changing. Be prepared for your sex life to change, too.
Find out the facts about preeclampsia—it could save your life.
Having herpes can affect your pregnancy and your newborn, but the situation is manageable.
Multiple labor pain-management options exist, so here's what to consider for your delivery.
Patient advocates are finding creative ways to provide support when they can’t be present.