There are a million myths and old wives' tales about what your baby bump indicates. As a pregnant person's belly grows, the bump may take on a variety of characteristics. It could be high and right under your rib cage or it could be down lower in the stomach area. The bump can present wide, or you can carry it all out front so you don't even look pregnant from the back.

What do all of these characteristics of a baby bump mean—if anything? Here are some explanations for how you may carry your pregnancy.

High or low?

One of the most popular myths out there is that pregnant people who are carrying high are expecting a baby girl, while a pregnant person who is carrying low is expected to have a baby boy.

Do you wonder if there's any truth to this?

"No, carrying high or low does not correlate with whether a person is carrying a boy or a girl. It generally has more to do with the pregnant person's abdominal wall muscles," explained Amy Roskin, M.D., a board-certified OB-GYN and chief medical officer at Seven Starling, a maternal-health digital platform with headquarters in New York City.

The biggest factor in bump