If you've had a child, you may have noticed a strange phenomenon: that you enjoy the scent of your baby. As weird as that may sound, it's actually completely natural and it's called "odor communication."

Seeking the aroma of your baby is a natural, frequent phenomenon that occurs in more than 90 percent of mothers with a child under 1 year old. Research on this habit indicates that parents, especially mothers, seek their infant's scent multiple times per day. There are two prominent reasons that mothers might give their baby a sniff: to induce loving and affectionate feelings or to check hygiene.

Newborns also use smell to connect feelings of trust to their caregivers and reduce the fear of strangers. Smell is a powerful social communication tool that remains intact throughout the lifespan. And it all begins before birth.

Scent as communication

The ability of a baby to recognize a mother's scent can play a significant role in their social development.

"As your baby learns who you are, they begin to develop feelings of attachment, which will