There's no doubt that childbirth puts a woman's body through the wringer. Regardless of how a baby is born (C-section or vaginal birth), it's a strenuous—and often traumatic—medical event that doesn't just magically heal as soon as the baby is placed in the mother's arms.

In fact, many women experience vaginal tearing that requires sutures to heal, as well as normal postnatal bleeding. Not to mention the pain and discomfort of abdominal surgery, which can tack on weeks to the recovery process for women who undergo a cesarean.

All of these factors can make "getting sexy" post-baby a little hard to swallow. And that doesn't even begin to account for the additional stressors of sleepless nights and caring for a new baby, and the sometimes-present feeling of self-consciousness due to a new, postpartum body. Really, it's no wonder many women aren't ready to get busy with their partners in the early weeks following childbirth.

What do doctors recommend?

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