Getting enough sleep is one of the biggest challenges of becoming a parent. Here's how you can protect your fundamental right to rest.

Why you should sleep

Caring for a new baby is hard, but doing it while sleep-deprived makes it even tougher. Sleep is essential to your mental and physical well-being. Without proper rest, you may struggle with emotional instability, trouble concentrating, sugar and caffeine cravings and long-term health consequences, such as a higher risk of diabetes.

You may think getting up early to take care of chores or catching up on your favorite shows at night is worth the lack of sleep—but think again. Shortchanging your much-needed shut-eye is rarely a good idea.

You'll be less efficient at everything else if you choose to skip opportunities to rest. It's normal to have a messy home or take a temporary step back at work after giving birth. Seek opportunities to make your life easier through grocery delivery services, babysitters and family