Becoming a new mom is like getting thrown into stormy waters without a raft—you have to learn quickly how to care for this new little life you're cradling in your arms, and it doesn't come with an instruction manual.

One of the biggest and earliest learning curves you'll hit is how to feed your little one. Whether you choose to exclusively breastfeed, pump, formula-feed or some combination of all three, it's a lot to navigate in the early days of motherhood (and for the months that follow).

If you do decide to pump, whether exclusively or as a supplement for other options, navigating the somewhat overwhelming world of breast pumps is a whole other thing you have to try to learn. Here's what you need to consider as you make your decisions.

Remember: Fed is best

The first thing you need to ditch is any "mom guilt" over the feeding decisions you make for your child. As long as your child is eating and growing and getting the nutrients they need for age-appropriate development, you're doing a good job.

So, stop worrying about whether you're doing something "wrong" when it comes to