Combination feeding, referred to as combi feeding, supplements breastfeeding your baby with formula. While the method is not talked about as often as full breast- or formula feeding, it can be useful for parents encountering challenges to breastfeeding.

There can be many reasons why parents may want to feed this way, including being "touched out," illness in the mother or baby, low milk supply, needing to work or an inability to express enough milk.

I combi fed my baby because he couldn't latch. It helped him to feed until he had his tongue tie cut and my breasts became a better shape for feeding as they were too engorged after birth. I also pumped, but breastfeeding directly was much more enjoyable once I was able to do it.

While some parents may feel like they have to choose either exclusively breastfeeding or formula milk feeding, that doesn't have to be the case. It's also possible to transition from one to the other.

Why combination feeding may help

"There are countless cases when introducing formula is a great decision and part of a healthy journey to establishing breastfeeding," said Rebekah Diamond, M.D.