The chances of having twins have never been higher in the history of humanity, with 1 out of 42 births being twins, so more parents than ever are thinking about breastfeeding two babies at once.

Even though it can be daunting, breastfeeding twins is possible if you follow advice from health professionals and twin parents and learn what works best for you.

We talked to a variety of professionals, from certified lactation coaches to doctors to moms who've experienced the journey of feeding two babies at once. Here's what they said.

Expert tips

Nina Pegram, an international board-certified lactation coach with SimpliFed in Ithaca, New York, recommended rolling with the punches in the early days of having twins, especially as 60 percent of twins are born before 37 weeks or full-term gestation. Sometimes a premature baby can take longer to learn to breastfeed effectively.

Pegram stressed the importance of "being realistic in terms of goals and being flexible. Twins might need more interventions