As an avid odd duck with an eccentric personality, those around me have learned to embrace the unconventional. Perpetually childlike yet wise beyond my years, I think it's safe to say many people labeled me as an anomaly early in life. What most people didn't realize was that my needs as an anomaly were largely ignored. Many of my issues that started in early childhood were either written off as quirks or assumed to be temporary issues I would figure out sooner or later as I grew up.

Make that much later. Although I was a smart person who could typically figure out most things on my own, that wasn't the case with my undiagnosed anxiety.

The game changer

On the outside, I was cool, friendly, vibrant and occasionally outgoing. However, inside was a different story. In college, I felt heart palpitations every time I had to speak in front of the class and found every excuse to get out of any assignment that involved presenting. During the same period I was graduating, I gave birth to a bouncy (colicky, rash-prone, allergy-ridden), beautiful baby boy.

Then, everything changed.

My baby