In a recent episode of "The Kardashians," Kourtney Kardashian revealed she and husband Travis Barker had fertility troubles—and her doctor gave her an unusual solution.

Kardashian underwent tests to find the root cause of their difficulty conceiving and discovered her thyroid levels were off. "I can't remember what [the doctor] said, if it was low or high," she admitted in the episode.

But she had a crystal-clear recollection of the doctor's solution: Drink Barker's semen four times a week to improve her thyroid levels and increase her chances of getting pregnant.

Does this strange suggestion have any truth to it?

Press pause on this prescription

Apologies to any couples who have already partaken of this pregnancy prescription, but there is no link between swigging semen and improving fertility in women, according to Gareth Nye, Ph.D., a lecturer of physiology at Chester Medical School in England who specializes in maternal and fetal health.

It's unclear why Kardashian's doctor would allegedly make this recommendation when there is no research to support the claim.