Uterine fibroids are generally harmless, but may cause complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Here's what to expect if you're expecting (with fibroids).

How common are fibroids in pregnancy?

If you're pregnant and have fibroids, you're not alone. The prevalence of fibroids during pregnancy is 2 percent for the general population and up to 18 percent in African-American women. As more women choose to delay pregnancy, their rate of uterine fibroids is expected to increase.

Pregnancy is a tenuous time filled with excitement and unknowns. While it can be scary to learn you have fibroids while pregnant, there's a good chance you won't notice any symptoms or require special treatment. Being aware of the potential risks without getting overwhelmed can help you remain informed but not anxious.

Potential pregnancy issues

Fibroids can affect the baby's position in the uterus and the method of delivery. The