The process of healing after pregnancy loss isn't a straight path toward acceptance and is often met with ups and downs. Some women struggle with guilt, shame, fear and grief. Others try to reconcile feelings of betrayal or failure—as if their own body has let them down.

"After my first miscarriage, I felt betrayed and overwhelmed that my body failed at its most important function—procreation," said Renee Bergmen, functional health practitioner and pregnancy loss survivor. "I longed to have children, and when I experienced that first loss, my brain broke in many ways."

Physical and psychological healing isn't always connected

Physical healing after pregnancy loss is unique to each woman's experience and depends on what stage of pregnancy was reached and how her body responds.

Most pregnancy losses occur before 10 weeks, with little physical healing necessary, depending on the circumstances. Some miscarriages are more physically complex. For pregnancies that have reached the