The word "doula" comes from the Greek word, doulē, meaning a "woman who serves" or "a female helper," and the concept expands outside of the childbirth realm (and, of course, doulas are no longer all cis women). There are sex doulas, death doulas, bereavement doulas (who typically focus on the loss of a baby) and abortion doulas. A full-spectrum doula offers support in all areas of pregnancy, from preconception through all outcomes, whether that be parenting, adoption, miscarriage or abortion.

In a society that often seems to value the fetus or baby above the mother, a doula's focus is on the well-being of the adult.

What does an abortion doula do?

People have abortions for many different reasons: financial, medical or because they just don't want a baby. Regardless of the reasoning, or how easy the decision was, the abortion itself can be emotional. In its simplest terms, abortion doulas provide emotional support to people before, during and after their procedure.