Robyn Crane, a mother of two in Tampa, Florida, had a long and emotional fertility journey before welcoming her first child a couple of months prior to her 40th birthday. After five years of trying—nine intrauterine inseminations (IUIs) and three in vitro fertilization (IVF) retrievals later—her son was born in 2018.

When he was 17 months old, Crane and her husband decided they wanted to have another baby and prepared for another potential "uphill battle" ahead. But they believed it would happen for them, and that maybe they could "even manifest a baby."

"We were determined to get pregnant again and open to going through fertility treatments again—if we needed to," she recounted.

"We started the process of meeting with a fertility doctor. I also was paying attention to my health: going to the chiropractor, eating healthier, acupuncture, even praying," Crane said, adding that all these "hacks" didn't help without a bunch of fertility treatments the first time around.

Additionally, this time, Crane started listening to a hypnosis series for fertility. She attributed her success of conceiving within two months of trying—most importantly, without any fertility intervention—to the recordings.