I went in for an ultrasound and when my doctor called with my results, she informed me that my uterus is heart-shaped.

What? was my exact thought at that moment. But I suppose since I've loved glitter and pink my entire life, it only made sense that my womb would fit the theme.

"Does that mean it's just cute?" was the first question I asked.

"Don't worry too much, honey. It's a common abnormality." And that was the extent of the explanation I received.

How can something be both common and abnormal? And what did it mean? These were questions my physician was not able to answer clearly, so I turned to an expert for the facts.

Following, you'll find an overview of what's medically referred to as an arcuate uterus. May you find yourself more informed than I was upon diagnosis. Because your health matters, and even something considered "common" deserves a clear explanation.

What is an arcuate uterus?

Kelly Culwell, M.D., a board-certified OB-GYN and nationally renowned women's health expert, told