Grooming and hygiene products have long been marketed to women as essential components of healthcare and self-care. Today, more than ever, vaginal products in particular are having a moment as it's becoming less taboo to talk about what goes on down there. But how many of these products have actual benefits for your body, and how many are just marketing ploys? This head-to-toe list of different women's grooming and hygiene products will help you understand what you need (and what you should avoid). 


Let's start with the basics: There are a ton of skincare products out there, from soaps for specific skin types to creams that claim to fight acne or prevent aging. Which of them are actually helpful? When it comes to skincare, dermatologists recommend a simple routine involving a gentle cleanser (like Dove soap), moisturizer, sunscreen (which can be built into the moisturizer you use during the day) and, if you wish, an antioxidant serum that can protect your skin