Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a chronic hormonal disorder, affects more than 200,000 people yearly in the U.S., with symptoms ranging from acne to infertility. Keke Palmer, 28, known for her work in "Hustlers," among other projects, is opening up about how her PCOS symptoms impact her life.

The television personality discovered she had PCOS last year after looking for answers about her adult acne. "I started to zero in on the fact that, you know, for me to have dealt with acne past puberty in the way that I did, there had to be something deeper going on. And that's when I came upon PCOS and also things that I needed to change in terms of my diet," Palmer told Tamron Hall on the "Tamron Hall" show.

For Palmer, it's not just adult acne. She also suffers from facial hair, telling Hall, "I grow hair on my face or under my chin—you know, I kind of have a low-key beard