At the beginning of a relationship, savvy abusers can make you feel like you've discovered the love of your life. Abusers may overcompensate for controlling tendencies by going above and beyond with a show of romance and attentiveness, including expensive gifts, over-the-top dates and a desire to become involved in every aspect of your life.

If you begin to feel a growing obligation to include your partner in all of your activities or reciprocate their intense attachment and "generosity," it's possible you're in the early stages of an abusive relationship. Survivors of abuse often describe the beginning of the abusive relationship as a whirlwind that moved too fast for them to process or address red flags. In a healthy relationship, you should feel permitted to set boundaries, slow things down or take time for yourself, especially when you've been together for only a few weeks or months.

Although these factors are not always clear indicators, individuals who don't have their