The emotional film is a dive into youth culture and the stigma surrounding the word 'no.'
The emotional film is a dive into youth culture and the stigma surrounding the word 'no.'
The emotional film is a dive into youth culture and the stigma surrounding the word 'no.'
Reliving trauma can be a messy minefield where you could end up retraumatizing yourself.
Intimate partner violence typically intensifies with time. Knowing the red flags can save lives.
Experts say some schools fall short in meeting survivors' needs. Here's how they can do better.
Trauma leaves imprints on our sexuality, but they don't have to be permanent.
This involuntary, biological survival mechanism can cause temporary paralysis.
U.S. officials are warning of a rise in online blackmail scams targeting young men.
A new survey shows nearly 1 in 5 girls said they were victims of violence.
Every nine seconds, a woman is assaulted. Each day, three women are murdered by their partners.
Nonphysical intimidation is the most common and least reported form of sexual violence.
Learn how to define and communicate your boundaries to protect yourself on campus.
Despite social stigmas, male rape victims need to share their experiences and symptoms.
Turns out, superheroes are better at saving cities than coping with their emotional trauma.
Psychosocial stressors can impact the severity of going through the change.
Creating healthcare sensitivity protocols improves the patient experience.
Identify what mental and emotional abuse look like and what to do next.
My childhood trauma and experiences have greatly influenced my sexual journey.
Daily activities and model behaviors can help children establish boundaries.
When trauma is prolonged and repetitive, complex post-traumatic stress disorder can develop.
Forced sex occurs everywhere and doesn't discriminate across nations, societies or genders.
We are slowly adopting a sympathetic and, hopefully, more effective approach toward addiction.
Psychological manipulation is as insidious as it is harmful, but there are ways to recognize it.
Get ahead of the post-relationship blues by bringing in a professional.
Everyone's reason to drink less is personal, but the steps to get there usually overlap.
The actress explains the abuse she endured in an upcoming documentary.
Honesty is not straightforward for some people. Empathy could help them break the lying habit.
A look at the internet trolls, which include a lot of men, who come after women who speak out.
Take a look through a different lens to get the real scoop on marital bliss.
You need to know these things now if your hypothetical breakup starts shifting into reality.
Deepfake tech's biggest threat isn't fake news—it's nonconsensual porn.
The actor told The London Times he's still learning how to navigate married life.
Robert Pitman has ruled SB8 unconstitutional, but the state is appealing the decision.
The actress shares how she rebuilt her life after sexual abuse and assault.
The 'heartbeat bill' may serve as a blueprint for restrictions across the U.S.
This form of abuse involves control, and it's happening all around us.
Broadening our definitions also helps us broaden care, protection and prevention.
In life and on popular TV, it involves exploiting vulnerable people who need extra love.
'My body, my choice' applies to your little ones as much as it applies to you.
How sharing experiences can disarm gender-based abuse.
More than 'zoning out,' dissociation during sex can prevent intimacy and pleasure.
Reclaiming your life is a process of rebuilding independence and preventing future harm.
Overcoming divorce’s mental health impacts can help you move on without emotional baggage.
From dim lighting to messy backgrounds and a lack of consent, these are the pitfalls to avoid.
Doing the right thing for a loved one may not mean playing the hero.
There's no one-size-fits-all solution to recovering from sexual trauma. But there is hope.
Could reliving past trauma be the secret to recovering from it?
Many say the announcement is a step in the right direction but no silver bullet.
In person and sooner rather than later are kinder ways to start both partners on a new path.
Post-traumatic stress is a life-altering anxiety disorder affecting millions of females
If the emotional support is gone and you feel better off alone, perhaps it's time to reassess.
When grieving a lost relationship, common practices definitely work, but so do new techniques.
The signs of abuse follow a relatively predictable trajectory from courtship to control.
If you feel like you're sacrificing your needs for other people, you may need to set boundaries.
Emotional abuse can be subtle. Know the signs to watch for and the ways to get help.