Every 68 seconds someone in the United States is the victim of sexual assault as reported by the Rape, Assault and Incest National Network (RAINN). Survivors of abuse often report feeling helpless to stop the event, and when the abuser is an intimate partner, the power dynamic makes leaving feel impossible. Fortunately, reclaiming your life after abuse can allow you to rebuild yourself and avoid succumbing to another abuser.

The power dynamic of abuse

"Why don’t they leave?"

This is the most common response when abuse is disclosed. However, it is common for abused partners to feel trapped because the abuser has extended their control over the relationship, the household, personal finances and even who their partner interacts with.

The power dynamic of abuse is often psychological as well as physical. Typically a dynamic begins early in the relationship as the abuser slowly initiates control. The manipulation starts small, such as disapproving of clothing choices