Dating is a maze of wrong turns and mishaps for everyone, but when you have a penis that won't get—or stay—hard, it can turn a challenge into an impossible nightmare.

Men are often expected to easily get erect and stay that way until their partner is fully sated. This imagery, fed by pornography and rigid (pardon the pun) expectations of masculinity, hides the truth: Erectile dysfunction is far more common than we realize, although estimates on figures vary widely. A 2018 review published in Sexual Medicine indicated that ED affects about a third of men, but a 2019 report in BJU International found that global prevalence could be anywhere from 3 percent to 76.5 percent.

Shame around erectile dysfunction is widespread, and results in some damaging consequences in the dating world. But here's how you can navigate the challenges of dating with ED.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Although achieving an erection may seem simple, a key list of ingredients