Intense, pleasurable sex can leave you feeling all types of emotions. Basking in the afterglow, it's possible to feel a deep, perhaps cosmic connection to the person next to you. This is a sign that a soul tie has formed.

"Soul ties feel as though [the people] were made for each other and share a spiritual connection, and often appear on a gradual basis after being physically intimate or having sex with someone," explained Charlotte Johnson, a sex and relationship expert at Mega Pleasure, an online sex shop based in the United Kingdom.

Soul ties are not scientific, but the concept has been embraced by a new-age spirituality community residing on social media platforms such as TikTok.

You can form and strengthen a soul tie through sexual encounters, according to Clara Manly, a clinical psychologist in California who specializes in relationships.

"That's where the term 'making love' comes from," Manly said. "You can have sex with anybody, but to make love to someone, you're taking it to a very sacredly intimate level."

Having sex out of anger or manipulation or by force can form and intensify a negative soul tie, Manly added.