It's a millennial's worst nightmare: They text a boomer or Gen X'er, only to have them reply with a dreaded phone call. For younger generations, texting isn't just a way to shoot off their favorite emojis and gifs, it's a courteous, convenient and succinct way to communicate.

On the other hand, an unplanned phone call is viewed as demanding, presumptive, disruptive and inconsiderate, requiring someone's undivided attention and indefinite time with zero notice.

In contrast, boomers and Gen Xers think texts are...well, honestly, who knows what they think! (Relax, gramps, it was just a joke.)

What are the generational differences?

Of course, communication preference is just one example of how generational differences can cause tension and conflict in relationships (romantic or otherwise). In many ways, each generation has a distinct culture of its own and there can be "cross-cultural" divides to overcome when encountering someone from a generation other than yours.

Different tastes in music and entertainment often pop up, as can different beliefs, politics, humor, diet, lifestyle and fashion—skinny jeans and side parts are officially for the "elderly" now thanks to Gen Z