A budding relationship with someone offers a whirlwind of exciting emotions. Butterflies tickle your stomach as you get ready to see them. You feel on top of the world when they grab your hand. As your relationship progresses and your feelings strengthen, you probably want to introduce your special someone to your social media followers, friends and, eventually, family.

It can be a sharp sting to learn they may not be willing to do the same and that they'd rather keep your relationship a secret from the rest of their life.

Enter pocketing, and yes, it refers to being hidden and tucked away in someone's pocket.

Pocketing occurs when someone doesn't share your relationship with friends or family, even when things are picking up steam, said Tennesha Wood, a matchmaker, dating coach and founder of Black-focused dating service the Broom List, based in Minnesota. To the outside world, you aren't a couple.

Unfortunately, there are hurtful reasons for someone to pocket you. Your boo may be trying to hide another relationship, have no intention of committing to you in the long term or feel embarrassed about your relationship. Pocketing is a method