Society has made existing while fat a challenge. Though plenty of research indicates that size isn't always an indication of health, a vast stigma surrounds bodies that are anything other than "ideal." This stigma can present itself in almost any aspect of daily life, including professional, personal and in dating.

Dating apps in particular require users to swipe or match with people almost solely based on their pictures, creating a breeding ground for fatphobia. But don't worry: There are still safe ways to navigate this often-toxic landscape.

Watch out for bullies and body-shamers

As horrible as it may be, the fact is you might match with people who actively use the plausible anonymity of a given app to bully and body-shame others. It may be tempting to fight back or argue with these detractors, but this is largely a waste of time. If someone's opening message is a dig at your body, save yourself the energy and immediately unmatch or block that person. They aren't