Public health nurses are successfully using dating apps to find people who may have STIs.
TikTok advice says don't cook a new partner their favorite dish right away, but does it work?
Get ready for a year of 'wanderlove,' 'edudating,' 'dating up' and more.
Get ready for a year of 'wanderlove,' 'edudating,' 'dating up' and more.
Get ready for a year of 'wanderlove,' 'edudating,' 'dating up' and more.
You can implement these dating experts' techniques if you can't afford to hire one.
You can implement these dating experts' techniques if you can't afford to hire one.
You can implement these dating experts' techniques if you can't afford to hire one.
Studies reveal the real impact of swiping on self-esteem.
We've heard of red flags, green flags and pink flags—now there's a sign of a different color.
Though apps have made meeting new people easier, in-person meet-cutes are still fun.
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Go beyond the dreaded standalone, 'Hi,' by asking questions and showing you're interested.
Here's how to tackle the challenges of starting to date while using a mobility aid.
Buzzwords range from funny (hesidating) to fishy (kitten fishing) to frightening (submarining).
Spontaneous posting can have long-term consequences, so control what you share online.
A study indicates a link between meeting online and potentially unsafe behavior—use your head.
Platforms can both help and hinder a romance—it all depends on how you use them.
Flip the script and look for some positive signs the next time you're on a date.
If you and your partner resemble, say, brother and sister, there may be subconscious factors.
While we expect people to put their best foot forward, some photo alterations distort reality.
If you don't want to be swindled on Tinder or tricked into paying for a fake heiress, read this.
A standout profile isn't just for twenty-somethings. A good bio and photos can draw attention.
A skin condition is not an immovable barrier to romantic fulfillment.
These tips may sound good in theory but are guaranteed to fall flat in action.
It may be fun in the moment, but that naughty nude may come back to haunt you.
What has the virus really done to us? How will this affect our ability to handle after-crisis?
Studies indicate that divorce rates are six times higher if couples meet on a dating app.
Deciding what to divulge on dating apps means anticipating ableism.
No longer could I tame first-date anxiety by getting tipsy. I had to learn some do's and don'ts.
Here's a useful guide for managing expectations in a 'situationship.'
Can you really fall in love over a picture of Spongebob?
Cyber-flashing may give you a momentary thrill, but it's not worth the cost.
Playtime without commitment can be a fun way to spread your wings—if you do it the right way.
'I was so tired of rejection...I turned to steroids to improve my physique.'
Ready to explore? Learn how to experiment with your sexual identity—the kind way.
Maybe it's not an unending search for love that keeps you hitting 'download.'
Straight couples have a responsibility to treat their third wheels with respect.
Whether you want a personal Cupid or have picked your prize already, use your brain first.
Finding someone special is difficult enough, let alone trying to date when your ways are set.
Mutual attraction won't solve everything when it comes to trans sex: You have to talk it out.
Services use DNA profiles to match dream lovers, but does science back them up?
Scared of the apps? Don’t be—meeting people online is possible even if it's new to you.
If you date at all, you can use a dating app, especially with the range of options available.
Pandemic pounds or single slump be damned, it’s time to get out and enjoy yourself.
You met, you're dating, it's going well—is it time to get intimate?
From dim lighting to messy backgrounds and a lack of consent, these are the pitfalls to avoid.
Ditch the textbook first date of drinks and dinner and try something else.
Dating apps are daunting enough. Now add the obstacle course of socializing while plus-size.
You’ve tried your hand at online dating, but what about good old-fashioned real life?
Circumstances keep changing now that we have vaccinations, so where do you begin?
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Why don't dating apps provide helpful information about STIs and STDs on their platforms?
Five tips for crafting naked pics that will have them moaning, not groaning.
The art of conflict resolution is one of the most valuable tools you and your partner can share.
If you need to bond with someone before being sexually attracted, you might be demisexual.
Beloved by many, polyamory requires understanding and ethics before joining the crowd.
Interested in a three-way? Learn the basics before diving into bed with your partner, plus one.
Dating can be exciting and fun, but it can also be stressful—and, in the worst cases, scary.
The rise of STDs in gay and bisexual men creates more risk for HIV and other complications.
It's not uncommon for a period of mourning to ignite your sexual desire.
Relationships can be terrifying when you have social anxiety. Banish the fear and trust romance.
More traditional matchmaking hasn't vanished in the digital era, but it has evolved.
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How do you keep your love life alive in an increasingly virtual world? Here are some ideas.
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A dirty picture in your inbox can be exciting, but how can you feel safe when you send one?
Dating apps are more common and convenient than ever. Here’s a guide to help you jump in.
Success in the dating app world depends on the app. Use our tips to choose wisely and safely.