It's normal to question your sexuality, and while there's never a true answer to those curiosities, dating apps can help you discover all you'd like to know. Whether you're a woman dating other women for the first time, a man dating other men or a couple looking for a third sexual partner, this is your guidebook.

Find out from identity and sexuality coaches and therapists how to discover the best methods for online exploration.

So, what's it like?

"It was scary [and] nerve-racking," said Leah Carey, sex and intimacy coach, and host of the podcast Good Girls Talk About Sex. "I thought there was a different formula for talking with women, and maybe I needed some different set of skills. But over time, I realized it's no different and the universal rule is the same: 'Don't be an asshole.'"

It's understandable to be nervous, as Lina Mafi will attest. Mafi is a queer NYC-based therapist who works with clients seeking to