Anyone who went through COVID-19 while single will tell you: The awkwardness of Zoom work calls pales in comparison to the strangeness of a virtual first date. And when you're fighting anxiety and depression in the midst of a global pandemic, they're even more difficult.

Far from easing lonely singles into matched-up bliss, a new study suggests dating apps aren't really helping—at least not for guys with social anxiety and depression.

The reason? They just can't make the first move.

Reach out and touch someone

A research project published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking indicates that while apps such as Tinder might appear to be an appealing choice for modern romance, men who suffer from social anxiety and depression often fail to make a meaningful connection.

The study looked at dating app usage, motivations for use and how likely users were to initiate an interaction with whom they matched. Finally, all this data