Most of us know all about the concept of red flags in the dating world, and we know what to look out for in a prospective partner. Maybe your new partner is excessively clingy or jealous or even misogynistic. Knowing how to spot the signs of potential future problems can help you get out of a toxic relationship before it begins.

But what if our focus on red flags is clouding our vision from other types of telltale signs. What if we should be paying a little less attention to the red flags and more attention to "pink flags"?

The 101 on pink flags

If a red flag is like a bright, fluorescent warning sign that is impossible to ignore, a pink flag is a less glaring signal. Think of it as a yellow light at a crossroads: it doesn't mean you have to stop, but it does mean you should probably slow down or proceed with caution.

"A pink flag is essentially what could be a potential red flag," explained Callisto Adams, a Nevada-based relationship expert and founder of HeTexted. "It represents an 'area' or a particular trait that should be marked but isn't necessarily a cause for concern or a potential threat to your mental and physical well-being."