Netflix seems to be churning out controversial, arguably exploitative dating shows at an alarming rate. After the huge success of "Love Is Blind," the streaming service has brought us its most deranged offering yet in the form of "The Ultimatum."

The basic premise is that several long-term couples who can't decide whether to get married temporarily break up and go through a "trial marriage" with someone from another pairing before finally deciding to "marry or move on." As host Vanessa Lachey explained in the first episode, she gave her now-husband Nick Lachey an ultimatum that eventually led to their marriage—after a short breakup.

The underlying idea is that you need to raise the stakes and give a clear-cut ultimatum if your partner isn't giving you what you need from the relationship, in this case, marriage.

While watching the show, it quickly becomes abundantly clear that almost all of the couples have many, many issues to sort out before even thinking about marriage. In most cases, the act of giving the ultimatum only serves to make matters worse.

What's really going on when you give an ultimatum?

An ultimatum is a request that one partner makes to another. Usually, if the request