For some couples, professional help is a last resort only necessary when the relationship is in crisis mode: Day-to-day interactions are rocky, sex is difficult or absent altogether and communication is breaking down. However, as it is for individuals, couples therapy is useful for preventing problems and working through them. Whether you're trying to save a struggling partnership or make sure it doesn't need saving in the future, finding a qualified professional can be a game changer.

For some people, the process of finding a good professional is daunting. Do you need a coach, a therapist or a counselor? Can a couples therapist help with sexual issues? By doing careful research on the topic, you can choose a sex or relationship counseling professional with confidence.

When to seek help

There are many reasons a couple or individual may want help regarding their sex life or relationship. Some problems a couple might have addressed in counseling include:

  • Infidelity
  • Sexual issues
  • Communication barriers
  • Money problems
  • Impending life changes, such as getting married, having