By the time a woman turns 65 years old, she is well into her postmenopausal years. This is not necessarily a bad thing, said Mindy Pelz, a nutritionist and functional health professional based out of D.C.

"Being postmenopausal has many upsides, but also some downsides that might need to be addressed," Pelz said. "As they go past the menopausal years, many women discover that the symptoms they accumulated through the menopause experience are still hanging around."

Pelz added that being older than 65 and being postmenopausal can increase the risk of certain diseases, such as hormonal cancers, Alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular disease. "You have to make sure that a 65-year-old woman has course-corrected with her lifestyle to match her hormonal reality," Pelz explained.

With all this in mind, though, what changes can you expect when you reach age 65? And what positive lifestyle changes can you make to combat them?

Joint health and mobility deteriorates