Like all style trends, the popularity of beards ebbs and flows. Generally, culture plays a big role in how we present ourselves, which means appearances change over time and borders, as map artist Martin Vargic illustrated in a chart published in 2015 by GQ magazine.

In 2021, amid pandemic lockdowns, many men took advantage of the decrease in socialization to grow a quarantine beard—for the first time for some of them. Suddenly, the need to be clean-shaven paled in seriousness compared to the looming threat of COVID-19, especially if men didn't have to face the frowns of their bosses while they got the beards going.

I'm of the unfortunate group of men who, no matter how long we put the razor away, simply cannot grow a beard. At this point, I've accepted that I'm more Peter Parker than Peter Jackson. No amount of beard oils or supplements will