It can feel overwhelming to scroll through the thousands of options in an attempt to figure out which workout apps are best—more accurately, best for you. App Annie's State of Mobile Report for 2021 estimated there were 47,000 health and fitness apps in the Google Play Store and 24,000 more in the Apple App Store. It's been further projected that 86 million people in the United States use health and fitness apps.

There are apps that feature workout videos, apps that help you plan and track your workouts, apps for walking and running, and apps designed for yoga and meditation. There are basic timer apps for interval training, apps that connect you directly with personal trainers or fitness professionals, and apps that integrate with other wearables to track your biometrics, such as heart rate.

Whew! A person can get tired even figuring out where to begin.

Technically, any app may work for any given person in a particular demographic. After all, there are some very fit 70-year-olds and some extremely sedentary 20-year-olds. But people in the over 60s age group may have