The tide of body positivity on the internet and in culture hasn't swept all of us away; contrarily, many people have been left in its wake. After all, the pressure to love your body is a tall order for people who just don't feel ready. Putting so much pressure on loving your physical appearance can feel forced and uncomfortable, not to mention trapping us in an apparent dichotomy: You either love your body or hate it.

For some, body neutrality is a mythic third option. The idea is that you can accept your body for what it can do, meeting it where it is right now rather than focusing on loving every little bit of it. Body neutrality eschews the idea that the ultimate goal is body love, and instead focuses on body ambivalence.

People who live by body neutrality say its gift is that you do not have to love your body every day or feel like you are failing when and if you don't accept your current physical appearance. There's no pressure for positive self-talk or taking selfies. In place of that is the recognition and pleasure of appreciating what your body does for you, what it can do and how it functions now, even if it's not "ideal