The evolution of sex and LGBTQIA+ civil rights in the United States occurred simultaneously. Not on purpose, but, of course, it would be impossible to advocate for the liberation of one without the other, and, naturally, many of history's groundbreaking or shocking voices about sex were queer.

Individuals who were willing to be the face of everything "sex" encompassed queer people, especially at times when the LGBTQIA+ community was nearly nonexistent, and gave rise to the possibility of new generations of queer artists and creatives reaching unprecedented levels of fame.

It's unlikely the original trailblazers anticipated stardom or recognition, and instead actively chose to sacrifice careers and livelihoods to achieve authenticity in life.

Rooted in history

From advertising commercials to brand press releases, American capitalism today runs on the marketing power of acceptance and inclusivity. The moral compass that guides the industry makes it easy to forget that the federal legalization of gay marriage happened only recently, in 2015.

Malcolm Lazin, founder and executive director of the