Living in the "influencer" age means people are using social media as a marketing tool and turning themselves into brands. This trend includes a profession as old as time: sex work. Though the internet has been a place for porn-seekers since inception, social media has brought it further into the mainstream while allowing sex workers to take control of their online presence and use it to their advantage.

If you surf the web long enough, you're likely to come across the profiles of public figures with massive social followings who post sexy content far more explicit than your typical thirst trap. These creators have developed a hybrid model that combines the reach of an influencer with the explicit content of a sex worker. In other words: sexfluencers.

Many of these people never actually interact with their clients in real life. Rather, they sell content online to their adoring followers from the safety of their homes, enabling them to choose how and when they want to work.

Improving agency

"Digital social platforms have changed sex work for the better, mostly, in my opinion," said April Showers, a sex worker from New England who