Today, I am at the highest weight I have ever been. This is due to fluctuating mental health and medications, disordered eating patterns, genetics and shame. Shame is a funny thing—it makes us want to hide ourselves and makes us feel less than human. These illusions of being less-than don't just disappear with superficial changes.

What helped me break those thought patterns was a shift: to gently strive to meet my body where it was at, instead of constantly fighting it. I deserved to have cute clothes. I deserved to be around people. I deserved to look in the mirror, even if it was hard. I also deserved to eat regularly. I realized that even at my smallest, I had still felt too big in my environment. For my own sanity, I now choose different spaces to be present in. I realized that I craved to be in spaces where bodies looked like mine. I deserved to find low-impact exercises and gentle yoga flows for bigger bodies. I also deserved to date and be loved.

Your body is worthy

As great as this all sounds, achieving a true sense of self-worth is difficult. If you search online for workout videos,